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What Are Conversions and Why You Need More

A conversion happens whenever a visitor takes action towards a given goal. If you use your website to grow your business, you will definitely benefit from a conversion boost.

More conversions mean:

  • More visitors subscribing to your newsletter
  • More visitors trying your service
  • More visitors buying your product
  • More visitors doing what you want them to do

Basically, an optimized website is a more profitable website.

This is especially important if you are running ads to drive traffic to your website, as with an unoptimized website you’re overpaying for every lead you buy.

The Best Way to Grow Your Business

There are three areas you can focus on to grow your business through marketing:

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversions
  3. Retention

As a general rule, each of those areas requires the previous one to be already performing: to optimize conversions you’ll first need a good amount of traffic and to optimize retention you’ll first need a good amount of customers (conversions).

There are exceptions: if the value of the product you’re selling is high enough, focusing on conversions could be worth pursuing even with a low amount of traffic.

If you do choose to focus on conversions, you’d better be sure to follow the right approach.

The Right Approach

I follow a minimum-risk approach to conversion rate optimization:

  • Every action I take is based on data from research: analyzing real data I’m working on problems that I’m sure exist, avoiding to waste the client’s time and money on personal assumptions.
  • Every change is tested against the previous version: this means the client will always find himself with a better-converting website at the end of the process.

You can learn more about my process here.